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Ice Bowl

Keeps any food item cold that would otherwise sit at room temperature

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No need to use ice. Its re-useable. Just wash the bowl and put it back in the freezer.

Use it to keep any cold food item fresh and crisp

No Need For Ice

The gel in the bowl walls freezes to keep items placed in the bowl cold and crisp.

Its Re-usable

After you have finished using the Ice Bowl, wash it and stack them back in the freezer.

We are raising the necessary funds to run a full production line and get the Ice Bowl to market.

Please visit our Indiegogo Crowdfundiing page to help us get the product to market. Indiegogo supporters will get the Ice Bowl before the general public and wil be able to purchase other Ice Bowls at a special discount.

Visit Indiegogo-Ice-Bowl to participate.


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