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  • Working with Klick Twice has been a great experience for me - and continues to be so. They take care of all our web design and development needs, so that I don't need to worry about anything. I really value companies that take the time out to help their customers - especially when reliant on their support.
    -Art Brownstein, Managing Director, the National Network of Organ Donors

  • When our popularity exceeded our greatest expectations, Klick Twice stepped up to provide a managed hosting solution with the reliability and resilience our project required.
    - Upton Mitchell, IT Director Meek Foundation

  • Building first-class websites: ...We were very impressed with Klick Twice's technical skills, combined with their ability to listen and understand our vision into a first-class destination website. They were professional and attentive throughout the design process, and the end result was a website that is attractive, easy to navigate and highly functional. Since the website launched in April 2005, visits to the site have increased by over 17%. Feedback from our members has also been great!.

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Just wanted to share my experiences with Klick Twice Technologies, Inc.

Video Post format / video

Just wanted to share my experiences with Klick Twice Technologies, Inc.

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Loving it: Is there a way to show jumping up and down and loving it on the computer?? John and I think it looks awesome!Eileen Petrillo - Smart Parts


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Good Content Pays!

Site traffic can be a blessing or a curse. Visitors who find what they are looking for, are engaged in what the site offers, and/or come away with a positive impression become the site owner's best allies and customers. But lead visitors to believe they will find what they are looking for only to be unable to fulfill that promise will result in lost traffic and poor reviews that will cost you business.

As discussed in the article, "What Are the Benefits of Good Design on the Web?" the task of the site owner extends beyond ensuring the designer interprets the goals of the site correctly. The need for the correct content is largely dictated by the answers to the questions so important to good high-quality design:

  • Who are the visitors?
  • What are they looking for?
  • What is their situation?
  • Are they rushed?
  • Are they knowledgeable?
  • Are they looking for opinions or facts?
  • Are they the kind of prospect the site owner is looking for?

Much is made of the importance of "fresh" content, but often the “right” content is ageless if it's relevant to the targeted audience and the business objectives are met. A constant infusion of poorly aimed content combined with bad or incorrect content will never gain or retain customers. So the question becomes, “what is the right content?"

As Michael Gerber states in his must-read book, E-Myth Revisited, "it is in the understanding of value, as it impacts every person with whom your business comes into contact, that every extraordinary business lives."

Deep knowledge of your customers will define your entire business and make clear the boundaries of your content. Content development is often a missed opportunity for creativity. Here, a team can and should gather to read and digest what psychographics profiles indicate the interests and motivators of the audiences are. As a hedge against myopia, your team should include one or more from outside your company or immediate colleagues. The same scenarios that influence the designers should be the framework for role-playing within the content team.


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Just wanted to share my experiences with Klick Twice Technologies, Inc.