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One of the keys to a successful SEO content is to create content that people want to read. But even the most creative and useful content can be overlooked if customers can’t find it in a quick online search. The best SEO content writing finds a balance between keeping readers entertained and giving the search engines the keywords and information necessary to rank your site.

SEO Content Writing to Keep Readers Engaged

Start by creating something that appeals to the client base you are targeting. We use industry specific jargon to appeal to the customer base we writing for. We focus on engaging the reader with useful and entertaining information while also incorporating SEO Keyword Strategies. We are mindful that readers aren’t interested in low-quality content stuffed with keywords and tossed up on a blog. If the copy isn’t relevant to the potential customer, they won’t read it and it’s less likely to rank well on search engines.

SEO Content Writing and the Search Engines

Search engine algorithms use keywords to sort sites by their content, but cramming too many into one post can have the opposite effect and can harm your search engine ranking. Using keywords aggressively will not only steer readers away from your blog or landing page, but it will also cause your site to drop in rankings. Instead of stuffing your content, use keywords a few times and use long tail key phrases as variations of the same word or words.

Moving on up the Page Rank Scale

SEO content writing is all about creating something that real people can use while still following a few solid guidelines for getting the attention of search engines like Google and Yahoo. We follow Google and Yahoo best practices for submitting and creating effective SEO content. With a focus on providing solutions while keeping things like keywords and content structure in mind, your content will be just as popular with the search engines as it is with your readers. .

Our website is central to our business success and is considered to be a work in progress. With a never ending emphasis on development and improvements, and based on Klick Twice Technologies performance to date, we anticipate a continued and long business relationship. I would highly recommend Klick Twice for all levels of website development. Larry Maloney VP Business Development

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