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Directory submission may be one of the most important components of your website. It can be compared to being listed in the Yellow Pages, only with far more benefits. Directories provide you with backlinks, which increase your page rank and the amount of traffic your website receives.

Every directory that your site is listed in will help it grow. This key website component though, is often difficult for even the most experienced webmasters to manage, so it is important that it is done correctly by professionals the first time.

Our directory submission service will guarantee that your site is properly listed and that your web presence kicks off with a bang from the very beginning. Don’t waste your time wondering if you missed something or attempt to manage your directory submission yourself. Allow our experts to handle the job for you so you can focus on the important things…like running your business.

The majority of website traffic these days comes from search engines. In fact, research shows that as much as 75% of traffic is the direct result of search engines, with that number steadily increasing. The bottom line is, if your site isn’t ranked as a top site, you are going to lose traffic.

Our website is central to our business success and is considered to be a work in progress. With a never ending emphasis on development and improvements, and based on Klick Twice Technologies performance to date, we anticipate a continued and long business relationship. I would highly recommend Klick Twice for all levels of website development.

Larry Maloney, VP Business Development

How do you get your website ranked? Search engines rank your website based on several factors. These include keyword searches, page contents, incoming and reciprocal links, etc. If you’ve got an abundance of time to manage all of these factors, then your site will do well, but if you’d rather leave it to the experts, we can assure your site receives the best possible ranking, thus resulting in more website traffic and business for you.

We can manage all aspects of search engine and directory submission. What would take you countless hours to process, our experts can handle for you. Our service includes: • Increasing search engine traffic to your site(s). • Unlimited submissions for your site(s). • Maintaining a current list of search engines and directories available to you. • Increasing your backlinks through directory submissions in regional directories.

The only way for your website to grow and succeed is through increased traffic. Our service will always supply you with the latest list of search engines and directories, guaranteeing your website will see increased traffic and you will receive more business. Don’t wait, register today!

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