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Perfectly Optimized SEO Page

What does an SEO optimized page look like?

perfectly optimized page

Graphic provided by Rand Fishkin @ MOZ.com

An optimized page doesn't just provide unique content, but unique value. What's the difference?

Unique content simply means that those words, in that order, don't appear anywhere else on the web. Unique value refers to the usefulness and takeaways derived by visitors to the page. Many pages can be "valuable", but few provide a truly unique kind of value, one that can't be discovered on other pages targeting that keyword phrase.

Put yourself in the minds of the potential visitors and imagine a page that provides something so different and functional that it rises above everything else in its field.

Provides A GREAT UX (user Experience)

A user's experience is made up of a vast array of elements, not unlike the search engines' ranking algorithms. Satisfying all of these perfectly may not be possible but reaching for a high level will not only provide value in rankings but through second-order impacts like shares, links and word-of-mouth.

Crawler/Bot Accessible

Search engines still crawl the web using automated bots and probably will for forseen future. While there have been plenty of leaps in the sophistication level of these crawlers, the best practice is not to take chances and follow some important guidelines when building pages you want engines to crawl, index and rank reliably.

Keyword Targeting

It may be the case that perfectly optimized keyword targeting conflicts with goals around usability, user experience or the natural flow of how you write. Don't Panic. It is probably best in those situations to error and lean in the more user centric direction. When it's possible to optimize keyword usage, you'll need some ammunition. Remember to pay attentions to these important elements as we have observed them through time, testing, correlation, and listening to the engine's recommendations. (Page title, Headline, Body text, URL, Images and Image Alt Tags, Internal and External Links, Meta Description, Meta keywords)

Shared Through Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and dozens more social networks that are niche-focused can help earn signals that help rankings directly and/or indirectly (often through exposure to folks who might link to them).

Multi-Device Ready

Mobile use isn't just critical for users "on the go." Many are using mobile phones or tablets to browse at home, at work and as a replacement for laptop/desktop. They're not just consuming, they're sharing. Social sharing in particular is a huge part of mobile & tablet functions, which means that if you're not optimized for all devices you're missing critical opportunities for amplification to a broader audience.

Inclusive of Authorship, Metadata, Schema, and Rich Snippets

Choosing how to optimize

Modern on-page SEO is about juggling competing priorities. In general:

  • Create a page that is uniquely valuable to your targeted searchers.
  • If at all possible, make the page likely to earn links and shares naturally (without needing to build links or persuade people).
  • Balance keyword targeting with usability and user experience, but never ignore the critical elements like page titles, headlines and body content.

There's no such thing as "perfectly optimized" or "perfect on-page SEO", Today's SEO may change with tomorrows Google update.


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